Glueboard (or Glue board). A stiff piece of card coated with a very strong adhesive that traps flying insects
Attractant Tablet A tablet that is placed in a fly trap and contains a food lure that attracts flying insects
Ultra violet light It is part of the light spectrum that is invisible to humans. It is visible to flies, who are attracted to it
UV Light Ultra violet light
Plan Area The square metreage or footage of a given area. If you measure along one wall of a room and then along the next wall, you will arrive at the plan area by multiplying the two number assuming there are no inlets or curves
Glueboard Flykiller A fly killer machine that traps flies onto a glueboard where they stay until they are dead
Coverage The plan area within which the fly killers are effective at controlling flying insects
Electric Grid Fly Killer A fly killer machine that traps flying insects onto an electrified grid that electrocutes them
Polyester A strong resistant resin used to cover mild steel fly killer machines. The polyester covering used is similar to that found on refrigerators and washing machines
Fly Screen A tightly meshed screen made of criss-crossed fibre-glass with a stainless steel frame. The light and air is free to pass through but flying insects are not. Fly screens will fit into the window or door opening but will allow the window or door to open and close as normal. See fly screens faq
Boxed screen Boxed (fly) screen. The fly screen is built into its own integral raised structure. The whole structure can be fixed the outside of the window.
Chain Link Chain link fly screen. This is *made of