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Common House Fly
Image: Common House FlyThe common housefly is a prime disease carrier and can travel up to 5 miles in one day in search of food. Common house flies are strongly attracted to UVA and green light except during the first few days after emerging from pupation. Food lures and sex pheromone traps are also strong attractants.

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Lesser House Fly
Image: Lesser House FlySimilar to the common housefly, lesser house flies have more slender bodies and a more hovering and jerky pattern of flight. Although less common, this species is not strongly attracted to UVA light so other methods of control should be used.
Fruit Flies
Image: Fruit FliesThis species is attracted to fermenting fruit and is a particular nuisance to the brewing industry. UVA and green light are attractants for flies except those less than 4 days old, so other defences will be required.
Other variations in behaviour among flies
Male flies migrate and are strongly attracted to pheromones. Older flies have a preference for looking for landing sites in order to mate. Hungry or unfed flies, however, will be more attracted to food. Responsiveness to light will also also vary between species and at certain times of the day.
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