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Fly Control Frequently Asked Questions


What is so good about Insect-o-Cutor fly control units?

There is a good reason why Insect-o-Cutor are the industry leaders. They manufacture fly control units to the highest standards. Their units are built to last. Many products out there simply can't do the job. Although Insect-o-Cutor fly control units are guaranteed for 5 years, they will usually last for many years beyond this. Have a look around. In many pubs, restaurants and shops, many 20 and even 30 year old Insect-o-Cutor products are still out there and still going strong. And if you run a business that depends on the highest hygiene standards don't forget that you have a duty to make sure the products you sell are fit for purpose. An environmental health inspector - or a discerning customer - will always be pleased to see an Insect-o-Cutor unit!


What types of fly control units are there?

There are two basic types of fly control units, electric grid ("zappers") or glueboards. Both types attract flies using an ultra violet lamp.


How does the electric grid fly control unit work?

The electric grid unit electrocutes the flying insect as it lands on the grid. It then falls into the catch tray. This needs to be emptied regularly.


Is it true that flies will explode when electrocuted?

Some years ago it was found that some cheap fly control units had this effect. Insect-o-Cutor units do not, and never have. The electric current is precisely "tuned" so that all appropriate sizes of flying insect drop into the catch tray once killed and never explode.


How does the glueboard fly control unit work?

The glueboard models trap the flying insect with very strong adhesive.


How often do glueboards need to be changed?

After about 3 months (this varies according to the severity of flying insect activity) the glueboard will need to replaced.


How do I decide what type to go for?

You may have a preference on how to empty the unit. If you prefer to empty the catch tray (it's easy and takes seconds) then go for the electric grid unit. If you prefer to change the glueboard (just as quick and easy) , then choose a glueboard unit. If you like to hear your flying insects being killed then go for an electric grid unit. If you prefer a virtually silent kill then choose a glueboard.

NB If the area you wish to cover has a volatile atmosphere (such as petrol fumes or fine dust particles) then you will need a very specialised fly control unit. Please contact us for further advice.


How long do the lamps last?

Insect-o-Cutor fly control units don't use ordinary lamps. These lamps give off ultra-violet light, which flies, wasps and moths cannot resist. The uv output of the lamp degrades by about 70% after a year. Although visible light output may last much longer, the lamp will have lost a lot of its attraction to flies. Therefore, assuming continuous usage, it is best to change lamps annually.


Are there any chemicals in Insect-o-Cutor fly control units?

No, apart from fly traps that contain a pheromone lure


If flies, wasps and moths are so attracted by light, why don't some of them fly towards the sun?

How do you know they don't? There may be millions up there orbiting the earth? No, sorry, we don't know. One theory is that, they may be attracted by the sun to some extent, but as they get higher they soon realise that the food smells they so love lessen as they go higher. They may simply start thinking of their next meal and start heading down.

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